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Parties & Camps 

Summer Camp 2023 Dates:

Session 1: June 12 to June 23 - SESSION FULL 
Session 2: June 26 to July 7 - SESSION FULL

Session 3: July 10 to July 21

Session 4: July 24 to August 4

Session 5: August 7 to August 18


We have four Summer Camp Sessions in 2023! 

Cost is $600 with $50 due at registration. 

New Riders to our program will need to take a test ride before being placed into a camp session. 


Check our calendar of events for special day camps available throughout 2023!



Summer Camp 2023 Schedule

9:00 AM: Riders arrive and learn how to properly groom their horse. They will learn how to saddle and bridle their own horses as well. 

10:00 AM: One hour of instructed riding on various horses and ponies. 

11:00 AM: Barn Session
                  Monday: How to give a horse a shower. 

                  Tuesday: How horses think.
                  Wednesday: Saddlery and equipment. 
                  Thursday: Parts of the horse & how to measure a horse's height. 
                  Friday: How to properly take care of your saddle and bridle. 
                  Monday: Colors and markings. 
                  Tuesday: Feeding and watering. 
                  Wednesday: Types of jumps and how to set a course. 
                  Thursday: Question and answer with your instructor regarding horses.
                  Friday: Scavenger hunt and awards.

12:00 PM: Children are picked up. 


Test Rides


In order to ensure the best quality and safety of all NEW Equidream students, we do require one half hour test ride to evaluate riding level. This will also help the beginner to better benefit in their camp experience. The test fee is $50.  Please include the test fee with your deposit. Also please call 847-526-6320 to arrange a time for the test ride.

Sponsor a friend


Not only can you host a birthday party at Equidream, but we host several team building events throughout the year at our barn. Some examples of these events include: Schooling shows, Equidream Olympics, barbeques, boarder lessons, Halloween party, and more! 

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